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Enlarged Adenoid (Adenoid Hypertrophy) Treatment in Omaha NE

Adenoid Hypertrophy Treatment in Omaha, NE

Understanding Adenoids

The adenoids are a region of lymph tissue in the upper respiratory system which function as part of the immune system to detect and react to unknown or unwanted particles. Adenoids typically shrink throughout our lifetimes, often disappearing by adulthood.

Adenoids may become enlarged (hypertrophic) in response to infection and other triggers, or as part of the normal growth process of the child. Adenoid Hypertrophy may lead to mouth breathing. In severe cases, enlarged adenoids may cause difficulty breathing and obstruct the flow of mucous.

 Symptoms of Enlarged Adenoids

  • Mouth breathing
  • Speech problems (nasal voice)
  • Severe snoring or sleep apnea
  • Ear infections
  • Difficulty swallowing

Treating Enlarged Adenoids

Enlarged adenoids are typically not a lasting problem as the adenoids shrink and disappear over time. However, severe cases may require medication or surgery. Common medications used to treat symptoms of adenoid hypertrophy include antibiotics and nasal steroids. In cases where symptoms are severe or persistent, surgery to remove the enlarged adenoids is possible.

Parental Information - Enlarged Adenoids

To see if your child suffers from enlarged adenoids, look for telltale signs such as snoring or sleep apnea. Although most cases of adenoid hypertrophy are not life-threatening, it never hurts to ask your doctor about the best plan of action for dealing with these issues.

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