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Low-Dose Antigen Therapy in Van Nuys, CA

Low Dose Antigen Therapy in Van Nuys, CA

Low-dose antigen therapy (LDA), sometimes called low-dose allergen therapy, is a treatment plan designed to combat food and environment allergies. As the name implies, LDA therapy works by integrating very low doses of antigens in to the body. This treatment has been shown to eliminate or mitigate allergies of all kinds. Low-dose antigen therapy has been in use for decades and has a long history of proven effectiveness.

Are you suffering from serious allergy symptoms? Request low-dose antigen therapy information today: Call (424) 365-1800 or contact Dr. Jeremy Fischer online.

What is Low-Dose Antigen Therapy?

Low-dose antigen (LDA) therapy is an advanced form of allergy treatment. Contrary to traditional immunotherapy, low-dose antigen therapy has been shown to have more lasting effects in the treatment of allergies. LDA therapy has been used to address food sensitivities, food allergies and environmental allergies of all types.

Benefits of low-dose antigen therapy when compared to traditional immunotherapy include:

  • Less frequent office visits
  • Longer-term treatment
  • No skin sensitivities
  • Effective for sensitivities, not just allergies
  • Administered professionally; no room for patient mistakes or forgetfulness

It is also believed that low-dose antigen therapy is even effective in treating chemical sensitivities.

How Does Low-Dose Antigen Therapy Work?

Low-dose antigen (LDA) therapy is an injectable treatment. That means it's administered in to the skin through a syringe. LDA therapy is typically based around a mixture of antigens, healthy acids, medication and other agents. This mixture varies depending on which type of allergy the patient is suffering from.

Each LDA treatment takes just a few minutes for the injection itself. However, most LDA therapy plans require a series of six to eight injections before completion. It's not until the end of this cycle that most patients begin seeing the benefits of the treatment. Typically, these injections are spaced out in two-month intervals.

LDA therapy works by integrating the mixture of antigens and medication in to the body. When this occurs, it allows the body's natural “attack cells” to have a normal reaction to the substance rather than being overstimulated. This overstimulation is what normally leads to allergy symptoms.

Request Low-Dose Antigen Therapy Information

Low-dose antigen therapy is widely believed to be a safe and effective treatment that can be used to help reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms. Interested in learning more about low dose antigen therapy? Contact us today: Call (424) 365-1800 or contact Dr. Jeremy Fischer online.

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